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Leaving on a jet plane: Because I’m a woman and because I can

woman jumping by beach img_0525

I’m going away on a vacation soon, a quick trip somewhere warm and beautiful.

I haven’t been away for several years. Way too long.

Just the idea of preparing all my things, packing and then getting ready for the plane trip I find extremely exciting.

I will take my four-legged creatures to my dad’s house, and then disappear into the great blue yonder.

And I love to fly.

There’s something heady about knowing that you’re hurtling through the air towards a destination, and you have absolutely no control over your own welfare.

You’re committed 100% to the nothingness you’re flying through.

And from my living room window I see planes taking off and landing all day. There’s one landing right now. Where are they arriving from? I wonder. And when I’m on one where will I be going?

We’re going on stand-by so it’s all rather last minute, even the destination. How fun!

Flip-flops, suntan lotion, bikini and book. Pure bliss.

After the last few months, a vacation will really help restore my soul.

Having a room of one’s own is essential, but disappearing from all responsibilities is too.

We can’t always be responsible and available and mature. All work and no play makes for a dull girl.

No, sometimes even the most serious-minded person needs to be pampered and coddled and waited on. Just for their own sanity. I mean sometimes we all need to regress.

Did any of us get enough mothering? I guess I should speak for myself, but I do need to go looking for it on occasion. That’s when I leave for the spa. I arrive there with a look on my face like, “Please, feed me and look after me. All I need is peace and kindness.”

And that’s what they’re there for after all.

And so this trip is the same, we’re two weary souls looking for the sun, the beach and peace.

I can’t wait.




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