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Monthly Archives: November, 2017

Having a moment at Walmart: What’s my life coming to!?

I was doing my grocery shopping yesterday at Walmart, and I realized I had a different Walmart in my head. As I was looking for an extension cord, I was like, “Hey, this is where they usually keep them. Wait! Nothing’s where it was.” And then I realized I was thinking of the other Walmart, …

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Our body’s talk: But do we listen?

Do you ever find it difficult to listen to your body? I do. My dog is a barker. So to limit her barking in the apartment building, I’ve been picking her up when I take her in and out of the building. That in itself isn’t necessarily bad, but I was carrying her on my …

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Going it alone: Doesn’t come naturally but I’m doing it anyway (with help)

This isn’t going to be easy. Coming to terms with living my life based on my own wants and needs. I can feel that I have an internal struggle going on. I realize some people would have no problem choosing themselves first. That is so not me, however. I often feel conflicted. Even unworthy at …

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The seasons help us look within: November in Canada

November in Canada can be very dreary. Today it is. It’s overcast, which means we can’t see the sky, and the air is very heavy. The cloud cover is like a blanket stifling us, telling us to stay inside and sleep. Hibernate. Maybe I’ll just curl up for a nap. The trees have mostly shed …

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Not disappearing: Having a voice and using it

Why is it that I often feel adrift without someone else’s expectations fueling my life? When I was younger I didn’t even see I was motivated more by outside expectations than my own. Now I see it, again and again, and it frustrates the hell out of me. From a very young age, I have …

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Banana bread and healing: Baking is good for the soul

I’m making banana bread today. It’s a recipe from my great-great grandmother all the way from England. The bread comes out a gorgeous colour and texture, and tastes so good! There’s something about the colder weather that brings out the baker in me. We’ve had a cold snap that’s brought me back to the oven. …

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