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Monthly Archives: December, 2017

Slowing down doesn’t mean doing less, it means experiencing more: Gratefulness project day 13

I like the way the universe has orchestrated my life to move more slowly, especially recently. Obviously a lesson I must learn. Slowing down (hence the yoga in my life!). I tend to jump ahead when I would be better off taking my time. I suppose I’ve always been impatient. Likely a way to fill …

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I found yoga, or maybe yoga found me: Gratefulness project day 12

Yoga, yoga, yoga. I’m beginning to actually like it. When I first tried it (several months ago), I found it immensely frustrating. Moving slowly. Trying to breathe evenly. Balancing. Contorting my body. And it’s hard. It can hurt. How can I breathe evenly while I’m straining to balance and keep a position and it hurts? …

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Past loves teach us about ourselves: Gratefulness project day 11

It’s incredible how much we can learn about ourselves from our past loves. If we open up our hearts and really take an honest look it’s quite a revelation. I have learned that their feelings for me were quite a bit more profound than I imagined. Maybe that was me being blind or underestimating myself …

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My heart gets braver as I heal the broken pieces: Gratefulness project day 10

I am learning patience and focus. I am learning what I really want. I tend to jump right into things, but that isn’t necessarily good for my heart. I get enthused and excited, and then my heart says, “Whoa! Go more slowly, child!” and then I’m overwhelmed. What I’ve undertaken sometimes my heart has trouble …

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Never giving up: Gratefulness project day 9

I went and got the book Couple Skills by Matthew McKay, Patrick Fanning and Kim Paleg. After what happened with my fiance I have realized I need to learn to communicate better. I could’ve handled some of the situations differently. Of course hindsight is 20:20, but I am brave enough to admit I made some …

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Yoga helps me find my soul: Gratefulness project day 8

I went to yoga yesterday. I’ve been having trouble with sciatica down my right side and I figured yoga would help, and it did. I haven’t been a big fan of yoga. I like to move and sweat and suffer. Not stay still and hold a pose and suffer. (How very Type A of me!) …

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