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Monthly Archives: January, 2018

The hot and cold of novel writing: Is it writer’s block or inner growth?

I have written about 80% of my first draft. And then stopped. I’m not sure why. My characters are moving through my head, and sometimes I even hear them speaking to me, but for a few months now I haven’t worked on my novel. And it’s been in the works–from scene weave to first draft–for …

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Perception transforms our choices

Choices, life is about the choices we make. I’ve heard many wise people, people who I respect, say this. And to a certain extent it’s true. But even more so I believe our life choices are based on our perceptions. Only six months ago, I perceived my world very differently than I do now. My …

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Use your voice and your word: You’re more powerful than you know

The speech that Oprah made at the Golden Globes was so very important. Not only for young girls watching the show, but for everyone who has ever been victimized in any way. She is an amazing speaker, and respected by many because of her outstanding accomplishments and her unending search for the truth. And coming …

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Being whole: For the first time

What happens when everything we thought was holding us back disappears? When what we believed was limiting us we realize actually no longer exists? Byron Katie went and sat in the desert for months, and Eckhart Tolle slept on park benches for a couple years. And I am beginning to understand why. When we see …

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A new year for my soul: Being who I truly am through The Work

A new year has begun and for me it is significant. Even though I went to bed before midnight, and didn’t celebrate the new year with any ceremony, I still believe that starting fresh is good for my soul. I have started reading Byron Katie’s newest book A Mind At Home With Itself, and it …

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